From Inspiration to Installation

Click on the images below to view some of the beautiful kitchens and baths we have created over the years.


But how do you go from a kitchen or bath that sets your teeth on edge to the one of your dreams? Just follow our time proven countertop process!



  • Visit our showroom to view our slab inventory and quartz samples. You can make an appointment by calling the office at 228-864-3093. Our showroom is open for walk-ins Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • Bring key items that may affect your decision. These could be a cabinet door, paint chips, flooring samples, or tile.
  • Bring a sketch of your project. It doesn’t have to be perfect, even a rough sketch with dimensions works.
  • Narrow your options. With so many wonderful colors to choose from this step can be overwhelming, but our staff is here to help.
  • Choose an edge profile. We have samples of edge profiles for you to choose the perfect one for your project.
  • Narrow down a backsplash option. We have many options in tile and stone for any preference.

Scheduling for Template and Installation

  • We need the details—every detail of your job matters to us. For example, your edge profile selection could dictate how your backsplash gets fabricated.
  • For you to get an official template and install date, we need a deposit! Your deposit is 50% of your countertop job.
  • All installations are scheduled after your template. We can arrange to template your job on dates that work best for you by request.
  • Cabinets receiving countertops must be permanently installed, set, and leveled for us to template. Our digital templates are most accurate when we can measure bare cabinetry.
  • We need your sink and faucet! If you purchased your sink outside of Inside Outside, we must have access to the physical sink at our template appointment. Apron front and farm sinks must be installed before the template. We also require your faucet to be on hand for both the template and installation.
  • Any items requiring a cutout or a hole drilled must be on-site at the template appointment. Some examples of things that need to be present are cooktops, down draft units, faucets, and soap dispensers.
  • Appliances next to a countertop should be on site but not necessarily installed. We can get a more accurate measurement during the template when an appliance is not installed. This precaution minimizes the risk of damage to your new appliances.
  • Please secure any pets. We would hate for them to get loose or become a tripping hazard; safety for all parties is our top priority!
  • We need you there! Please be on site for both your template and install appointments.


  • Necessary seam placement is done by our fabrication team to use your material to the best advantage.
  • Once your template has been programmed, our team utilizes our high-tech equipment to cut, edge, and polish your material into your dream.


  • Once your job is fabricated, our installation crew carefully loads your new countertops into our truck and drives to your location.
  • With years of experience, they will install your countertops, under mount sinks and test-fit any drop-in sinks.
  • Once your countertops are all installed, our team will collect your signature of approval and final payment. If you wish to pay by card, you may call the office, and we will gladly run your final payment.
  • Finishing
  • Faucets, cooktops, and all plumbing connections must be disconnected and connected by your contractor or plumber. Inside Outside is not licensed to perform such work, and we highly recommend hiring an electrician or plumber as needed for your job.

Enjoy and Maintain

  • Keep cleaning products containing vinegar, ammonia, bleach, and citric acids off your marble countertops, such as in lemons and oranges. These items can cause etching.
  • While placing hot pots or pans is acceptable on most stones, quartz needs a trivet to keep the heat from causing discoloration to your countertop.
  • We do not recommend cutting directly on your natural stone or quartz countertops. Protect your countertops, and your knives, with a cutting board.